01. About EdenRay Cellar & Winery

Making wine accessible to people from all walks of life.

EDENRAY CELLER AND WINERY has been a family-run business since its establishment in 2012. With more than 40 employees in deutschland, Spain and accross Africa,

Today, we are a top player in the wine business, operating nationally and globally from our company warehouse situated in the world famous wine city of dusseldorf, Germany.

Our celler supplies to more than 17 countries all accross the continent of Africa

An ambitious passion for wine.

Our philosophy and ambition

Out of a profound passion for wine, and at a time where the consumption of wine was an exclusive privilege of the upper class,  Founded his own winery, warehousing and stocking and testing estate in 2011.

His mission: to make wine accessible to people from all walks of life and to share his passion for wine with as many people as possible.

Now as in the past, the liberal thinking of our company founder remains deeply anchored in our company philosophy. We believe that, primarily, wine is supposed to taste good and contribute to the enjoyment of life.

Therefore, it is with passion and true ambition that our staff – many of whom privately run their own wine estates – work to offer you wines that tastefully accompany the precious moments of life.

Our quality promise

As a product of Nature wine is subject to many influences: weather, soil, vintage, grape variety, bottle closure or product storage. All these factors can impact a wine’s specific taste. With our sustainable quality and work safety management system in stocking, hanbling and distributing of our wines, we aim to offer products that fulfill the highest quality requirements and which you will be happy to purchase again. In short: We want you to enjoy the taste of our wines!

Ebenray Winery and Celler, all incoming wines undergo a strict quality inspection at the point of entry. We employ an experienced team of oenologists and cellar masters who safeguard the quality of our wines during the respective production and delivery stages. ensures that the wines keep their full aroma. It is only after thorough testing that our wines leave our winery celler for shipping. In ensuring utmost quality, we follow a set of internationally binding standards, the compliance of which is regularly verified by independent accreditation services.